(NEW) Keratin­ Complex

straightening treatment is absolutely amazing!

— BEFORE — Keratin treatment
— AFTER — Keratin treatment

Keratin™ Complex Blow-out Service 
(NEW) Smooths & Shines Frizzy Hair for Maximum Straightness & Improved hair health

This customizable treatment repairs damage, preserves hair strength, improves manageability, creates shine, and reduces blow-dry time. Plus,
zero down-time (no need to wait 48-hours prior to shampoo) Lasts up to 3 months.
Choose your Keratin level: from frizz-control up to completely-straight hair.

Stylist Level (we offer 4 levels of stylists)

Level_1 | Level_2 | Level_3 | Level_4

250.00 | 250.00 | 275.00 | 300.00

Increase the longevity of your Keratin Complex with a monthly Keratin Vital-Shot™ in-salon treatment. $50

2-hour appointment time

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