Pura Sunless Spray Tan Booth!

• FAST • 4-minutes to a fabulous tan

• EASY • 2-positions (face-forward and turn . . . that’s pretty much it)

• AWESOME • natural-looking, beautiful tan!

PURA™ Sunless . . . no streaks, no orange, no problem!

• FREE • our sunless session include a free prep spray treatment (unlike other salons)

This free treatment preps the skin for maximum absorption, even-color, and longer-lasting results

Step One • Color Choices

1. Clear – goes on clear and tan develops over  6-8 hours. Excellent choice when tanning later in the day.

2. Bronze – same as clear (color develops over 6-8 hours) plus gives you an immediate tan using a cosmetic additive. Great when you have a ‘need a tan right now’ kind of day!

Step Two • choose light, medium, dark, or double-dip dark

1. Light – a hint of a sunkissed tan

2. Medium – been sunnin’ it for a little while look (most popular)

3. Dark – yeah I’m a bronze goddess

4. Double-Dip Dark – boom! dark never looked so good ($5 upgrade), you get sprayed with a clear (light, med, or dark), then a second application with clear or bronze (light, med, or dark)

Step Three • Pura™ Tan-Extend Moisturizer – add-on a tan-extend treatment to your spray session ($5 upgrade)

– great choice for guests with dry skin, and for all guests in winter months. Helps you maintain an even tan as it fades.

Pura Sunless packages

→ BOGO SALE → buy 2 sessions, get 1 free (3 for $50) – limited time offer

• Single Session $25

• 3-Session Pack $69

• 5-Session Pack $99

• 10-Session Pack $150

Unlimited Visits-

• 30-Day Pass $49

• 30-Day Pass with Tan-Extend Moisturizer $59

• 365-Day Pass $399

Additional Treatments-

• upgrade to a Double-Dip (Double-Dark) Tan Color – $5 per session

• Add-on a Pura™ Tan-Extend Moisturizer Treatment – $5 per session

• Cocktail Tan! – $5 per session

• give it a boost with a Cocktail Tan • jump in your favorite uv-sunbed for a quick session, then pop in the Pura for an amazingly natural, gorgeous tan!

• the heat from the sunbed preps your skin for optimal sunless solution absorption

• Sunless Guide •

What to do (BEFORE)

  1. shower, shave, and exfoliate (before your visit)
  2. remove deodorant (will act as a barrier and block solution absorption)
  3. remove makeup (if you want to tan your face)
  4. wear loose fitting clothing
  5. bring a hair tie (for guests with longer hair)

What to do (DURING)

  1. apply barrier cream to the palms of your hands (provided)
  2. pull hair up using hair tie, and put on hair cap (provided)
  3. disrobe to your comfort level
  4. step into the Pura™ booth
  5. follow the voice prompted assistance

What to do (AFTER)

  1. remove barrier cream with towel
  2. get dressed
  3. lightly rinse hands in restroom
  4. do not shower for 8 hours
  5. avoid chlorinated waters (pools, hot-tubs, ect.)
  6. use the Pura™ Tan-Extend Moisturizer Lotion (moisturizing is very important to maintain even color)

The pictures below are examples of a beautiful Pura Sunless tan-

color: clear/medium (day 4)

color: clear/medium (day 4)


color: bronze/dark (day 2)

color: clear/medium (day 4)

color: clear/medium (day 4)

color: bronze/dark (day 1)

color: bronze/dark (day 1)

color: clear/medium (day 2)

color: clear/dark (day 3)