Body Wraps

 The Inch-Loss Body Wrap System

uses the ancient art of masking and wrapping to change the shape you’re in.  Time tested in European spas and health clinics, the pressure body wrapping technique compresses fatty tissues and tightens flesh, helping to tone the underlying muscle. The Herbal Body Wrap System goes beyond these benefits, providing skin and tissue nourishment, the stimulation of your body’s cellular metabolism, and a therapeutic level of detoxification. Our program begins with Amino-Herbal Mist sprayed lightly all over the body.  The Sea Clay compound is a complex mixture of natural clays from ancient sea beds.


Whether you want a continuing series to complement your diet,

a maintenance program to increase results, or just a quick toning for a special occasion

you can wrap up with SlenderQuest & unwrap a whole new you!

The SlenderQuest Body Wrap System is a safe and effective process that:

  • firms and tones the body
  • reduces body measurements
  • and cleanses the skin and soft body tissue
  • Lose 4-15+ inches OVERALL or 1-2% Body Fat
  • Not a Dehydration or Water Loss Process
  • Safe Effective way to Lose Inches or Body Fat
  • Herbal Solution is Water Soluble
  • Non-Toxic, Chemical Free, No Solvents, Residues or Synthetic Additives
  • Skin Feels Tighter, Cleaner, Silkier
  • Shrinks Cellulite Directly Below Skin Surface
  • Tightens, Contours, Flushes out Toxins & Impurities

Sea Clay Spa Wrap 

(full-body treatment) $100

2 treatments |save $20   | $90 ea.  | $180
3 treatments |save $45   | $85 ea.  | $255
4 treatments |save $100 | $75 ea.  | $300

Target-Area Wrap 

(partial-body treatment / below bra-line to knees) $85

2 treatments | save $20   |$75 ea.    | $150
3 treatments | save $45   |$70 ea.   | $210
4 treatments | save $80  | $65 ea.  | $260