Nail Services

Acrylic & PolyGel® Nail Enhancements

Choose from Acrylic Nails or the new PolyGel® Nail Enhancements that is rapidly becoming one of the most popular services in the nail industry.

PolyGel™ is the future of nail-enhancements and is


• stronger than hard gels and acrylic nails

• no lifting and odor free

• no airborne dust

• long-lasting and stunningly gorgeous!

  • PolyGel™ Full Set  $65     
  • PolyGel™ Fill $55               
  • PolyGel™ Overlay  $55     
  • Acrylics Full Set  $60         
  • Acrylics Fill  $50

Natural Nail & Shellac™ Manicures

Natural Nail Manicures include nail filing to the shape of your choice, removal of cuticles, soothing hand and lower-arm massage and polish application.

(Most popular) Our Shellac™ Manicures feature a UV3 technology polish for up to a 14-day wear, zero dry time and a flawless mirror finish.

Basic Manicure    | 30 min | $25
Spa Manicure      | 45 min | $30 (includes deep-moisturizing paraffin treatment)
Shellac Manicure | 45 min | $35

Shellac Loyalty Club  | $30 |  join our Shellac Loyalty Club (no charge) and enjoy your Shellac manicure for the special price of $30; when returning within 14-day intervals.

Gel, Dip, Acrylic Removal – some area salon have clients ‘dip’ their nails in what is actually acrylic prior to polishing with Shellac.  Removal of the acrylic and/or gel requires additional time (up to 1-hour).  We DO NOT use drills. Drills can very easily cause excessive, long-term damage to the nail bed; as well as pose potential sanitation issues if not properly disinfected. Nails that have acrylic/gel applied under the Shellac must have it soaked for proper and safe removal. This can take up to 1-hour.  Please notify our receptionists at time of booking so that we can allot ample time for your removal and Shellac manicure.  Removal | starts at $15

Special Nail Art designs available – pick and choose from our samples and pictures, plus feel free to customize the nail art to your own style with endless color combinations. A few of the artwork designs pictured below. (join our Facebook community to see additional nail art designs as they become available)


Signature Pedicures

Sit back and relax in our Continuum™ Queen Deluxe pedicure thrones, drift off into a peaceful bliss as a roller massage glides up and down your back, slip into a warm whirlpool jet bath, and let the day slip away as our technicians pamper those toes.

Our Marine Spa Pedicure line by CND™ exfoliates and softens even the roughest feet with soothing sea salts, menthol, marine botanicals, and quartz crystals. Our pedicures are designed to calm your senses while deeply moisturizing, exfoliating and soothing your feet with vitamins, minerals and moisturizing agents. Sea salts and crystals not included in basic pedicure.
Basic Pedicure          | 45 min | $30
Spa Pedicure            | 60 min | $40
Hot-Stone Pedicure   | 75 min | $50

IMG_0104signatures salon and day spa

signatures salon and day spa

 signatures salon and day spa

signatures salon and day spa

signatures salon and day spa




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