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Eyelash Extensions

Completely waterproof and no-fuss way
to look as if you are wearing mascara all the time
* semi-permanent procedure that can be maintained with touch-up appointments
* natural-looking, completely weightless, identical to your natural lashes
* comes in a variety of lengths, thickness, and colors
• Full-Sets $125
• Fills $60
Common questions about lash extensions –
Q: How long will lash extensions last?
A: 4-6 weeks, the length of your own lash cycle. To keep up with your lashes get a fill every 2-3 weeks.
Q: Will lash extensions ruin my natural lashes?
A: As long as the lash extensions are taken care of properly, your lash and extension will fall out naturally through your lash cycle. The application will not affect length, volume, or thickness of your natural lashes..
Q: Are lash extensions safe?
A: Yes, we use a medical grade bonding glue, and no products ever touch the skin. Lashes are made of mink, silk, and synthetic material, all safe for your natural lashes.
Q: Does it hurt to have a lash extension application?
A: The procedure should not be painful, but some people do have negative reactions to materials involved. If you experience any burning, itching, or stinging sensations let the lash tech know immediately.
Q: Can I wear mascara with my lash extensions?
A: You can, but the brush can potentially pull out the lash extensions. It is best to only use non-waterproof mascara and only apply the mascara to the tips of the lashes.
Q: Can I use makeup remover around my eye?
A: When you remove your makeup use extreme care to not touch your lashes. Use gentle makeup remover with a wipe instead of cotton swabs/pads, the fibers from the cotton can get caught in the extensions. Do not use any oil based products, as they can break down the glue.
Q: Who should not get lash extensions?
A: People with thin lashes (don’t have a lot of lashes). Each lash extension is adhered to your lashes, if you have thin lashes the results will look un-natural.  Also, people who rub their eyes often should avoid lash extensions as this will cause them to fall out prematurely.
Q: Can I wear contacts during the application?
A: Yes, if your eyes get irritated or dry easily please have them out for the procedure.
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