60-minute session $75

(NEW) “Couples Massage” room is here!  

♥ NEW “COUPLES MASSAGE ROOM” ♥ our addition is now complete (8 spa rooms) . . . now you and your spouse, sister, mom, dad, or best friend can relax together in an oasis of peace and tranquility while our state-licensed massage therapists give you a pampering massage . . . customized to your desire; a relaxing Swedish massage, a deep-tissue therapeutic massage, or a beautiful blend of both with a touch of tranquility.

Couples Massages available in 30-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute sessions.  Pricing is the same per person as individual rates listed below.

Our massage rooms feature:
• fiber-optic ceiling lights (star-lit sky appearance)
• water falls
• electric-lift tables
• individual adjusted room temperature control
• towel warmers, table warmers, and hot-stones
• and Bose™ acoustical-sound music systems.

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Chair Massage | 15 min.
Chair Massages allow our guests to remain fully dressed while our therapists massage the neck, shoulders, and upper-back. They are a great way to experience massage for the first time and are an ideal mid-day escape to alleviate the tension built up in the shoulders from high-stress jobs, computer work, and other body abusing occupations.  $15

Express Massage | 30 min.

Express massages include an abbreviated version of longer massage sessions with a more focused approach. This 1/2 hour massage will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and wanting more.
Single Session $40
Series of 3 ($35 ea) $105
Series of 6 ($30 ea) $180

Restoration Massage | 60 min.

This full-body massage is designed to restore the body to it’s natural state of well-being. Relieves stress, tension, and anxiety by combining long gliding strokes with muscle kneading. Relaxes tightened muscles and releases knots while increasing circulation and oxygen flow throughout the body. A series of 4 treatments is recommended for optimal well-being.
Single Session $70
Series of 3 ($65 ea) $195
Series of 6 ($55 ea)

Signature Essentials Massage | 90 min.

This 90-minute session blends deep-tissue massage, Swedish massage and reflexology treatments to restore your entire body to it’s natural state of well-being. You’ll experience complete relaxation and a feeling of peace and tranquility. You’ll leave rejuvenated, and balanced with an overall feeling of serenity.
Single Session $90
Series of 3 ($80 ea) $240
Series of 6 ($75 ea) $450

Hot Stone Massage | 60 min.Hot-Stone Massage combines the wellness benefits of the restoration massage and the relaxation benefits of heat-therapy. Special water-heated basalt stones are applied throughout the session allowing the muscles and entire body to become completely relaxed.
Single Session $80

Pregnancy Massage

The female body goes through many changes during the course of a pregnancy. There are new stresses placed on the body, postural shifting as well as many emotional changes. Pregnancy massage is designed to help relieve the stress and pain due to pregnancy. It can be very helpful in reducing emotional stress as well as relieving muscle tension and stress on joints. The massage helps to increase blood and lymph circulation therefore reducing edema and blood pressure as well as decrease of the risk of varicose veins. Our pregnancy massages incorporate the use of a specially designed pregnancy body-pillow for enhanced comfort and relaxation.
30-minute session $45

60-minute session $75

  Benefits of Therapeutic Massage• Reduces heart rate and lowers blood pressure
• Reduces stress, fatigue and general aches and pains
• Reduces frequency and severity of chronic headaches
• Enhances tissue elasticity and joint flexibility
• Stimulates weak, inactive muscles
• Improves energy flow and muscle performance
• Improves circulation and oxygen flow throughout the body General Information

It is common to experience some soreness following your first massage treatment. This is caused by the body’s release of toxins and other impurities previously trapped in ‘knots’ within the muscles. Drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses of water daily will assist the body in flushing out these toxins.Some discomfort is common with deep-tissue massage techniques used to release extreme knots built up over months and years. Please inform our therapist if at any time you find the therapy too intense or too moderate. Our therapist will customize each session to the clients specific desires.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage aims at treating the deeper structures of the body including muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. The treatment is typically more intense and usually focuses on a specific area of the body. The therapist uses more pressure and the massage consists of slow, deep movements that can go against the muscle fibers or with them. The massage releases toxins and increases blood circulation while breaking down scar tissue and adhesions.

This method of massaging is the most popular type of massage and includes a variety of strokes and was developed by the Swede Professor Ling. This type of massage is beneficial to promote the feeling of well-being and also helps to reduce emotional and physical stress.

Custom Blend
Our massage services are custom blended to meet your specific requests. Deep tissue and Swedish massage can be incorporated into your massage and adjusted throughout the session. We encourage you to become completely relaxed but will periodically ask if the pressure is to intense. Our therapist welcome your input and feedback so that we can make your session as pleasurable as possible.

Heat Therapy
Our massage services incorporate the use of specially designed, heated massage blankets along with the use of Thermophore moist-heat body warmers to increase the results and enhance your body’s response to massage therapy.

“Muscle Knots:  the what, why and how”

The most commonly asked questions in our massage rooms are about muscle knots:

“What is that knot?

“Why do I get them?” and

“How do I get rid of them?”

First, let’s start with, what is a muscle knot? In simple terms, knots are spots of tension in the muscles that cause pain and discomfort. These muscles spasm, tighten, and contract leaving them tender and sore.

Second, why do we get them? There are many answers to this question. Often times it is simply everyday life activities such as the hunched-over, forward-head position we sit in at the computer. These types of “repetitive stress injuries” cause knots to form in the shoulders and usually stick around until we change our regular posture or seek treatment.

Lastly, how do we get rid of them? Although there are many ways to release muscle knots, massage therapy is one of the most highly recommended and effective treatments. Massage therapy goes right to the source of the problem; directly applying smooth, gliding pressure to calm the ‘aggravated’ muscles and release the tension and built-up knots.

Our passion is helping people through the wonderful benefits of massage therapy. If you suffer from muscle knots, ongoing body aches and pains, or simply want an improved, relaxed, and rejuvenated body; visit Signatures Salon & Day Spa today!