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Tan for as little as $20 a month!  (Level_2 Buddy Pass)



KBL Alpha!™10801607_894437923923741_5332362754026055276_n
• Fastest Instant Tan
• only 1 other salon in Iowa has an Alpha
• 4-5x more powerful
• p2 pigment producing lamps

• (3) power settings | Basic, Mediterranean, & Carribic! (most intense)
• 200w reflector lamps
• 650w facials, and 600w shoulder tanners
• air-conditioning, aqua-cool mist, aroma
• blue-tooth technology, mp3 sound, studio sound
• $40,000 of AWESOME! (yes, that is what it actually cost us)
• once you go Alpha!, you won’t go back to ordinary


• 21,000 watt bronzing bed
• filtration system blocks 99.3% uvb ray (burning ray)
• go Alpha, Alpha, UltraBronz, Alpha, UltraBronz, & most guests have a deep, dark tan


Silver Bullets™silver_bullet_9
• Faster Tan
• our level_3 (most salons charge level_4 pricing, $89 at Classic Tan)
• 3-4x more powerful
• air-conditioning, aqua-mist
• mp3 sound

Pure Energy Standup

• powerful and fast
• 200w reflector lamps (52)
• aqua-mist
• mp3 sound


KBL 3500s
• Economical Tan
• 120w reflector, 400w facials
• great tan, requires more regular visits


Pura Sunless Booth
• voted #1 sunless booth 2013 & 2014 Island Sun Times™935127_703346113032924_7871420_n
• very natural-looking, light, medium or dark tan (you choose)
• FAST – 4 minutes to fabulous
• EASY – 2 positions

→ click here for more Pura Sunless info


• We allow our guests to make tanning appointments and encourage them to do so between 3pm-7pm
• We take walk-ins when time is available (which is often the case)
• If you make an appointment and NO SHOW, a session will be deducted (or day be removed from pass)


• our regular price for lotions is often 20-30% less than the competition
• PLUS! lotions are often on sale an additional 15%-30% off

• Tan 40% FASTER  (with a mid-level or top-shelf lotion)
• Stay tan 40% LONGER  (with a mid-level or top-shelf lotion)

• Intensifiers: boost your tan and add moisture to your skin for quicker results
• Bronzers: are tanning intensifiers with added DHA for immediate color enhancement
• Tingles: you will tan faster with a Tingle than any other type of lotion. They are intensifiers (with Bronzer in some lotions) plus active ingredients to increase oxygen-flow to the top level of the skin (that is the tingling sensation). All tingles contain a different mix of ingredients. If you tried one and didn’t like it, don’t give up on Tingles entirely! We also encourage our guests to blend their strong Tingles with the Pura™ AMPLIFIER Gel. This reduces the tingling sensation and boosts color dramatically. The Pura™ AMPLIFIER Gel can be blended with any of your favorite tanning lotions to make them more intense and promote faster results.